Politica per la Qualità e l'ambiente

The Direction Modula srl adopts the present document of company policy, which represents the responsibility and commitment to adopt behaviours and activities, which improve its performances and customizing to tailor, in both quality and environmental field. The Company therefore commits to promoting all necessary actions to ensure that its processes and activities are oriented to the achievement of the following objects:

  • Protection of environment and of its substantial aspects;
  • Continuous improvement
  • Chasing the “customer satisfaction”, to which constant attention is directed.


To this purpose, the Company plans and realizes continuous activity of involvement, participation, training and updating of the staff at all levels, in particular or those involved in processes that affect the quality of services, where there are currently extensions in delivery times, safety and health of working places and environment.

The staff is therefore required, for the activities, which concern their competence, to respect the standards required by the Integrated System Manual and by the documents connected (procedures, instructions and specifications) and to lead the scheduled registrations.

The main environmental aspects related to the activities of the Company are production of waste and potential pollution (air, water and soil), use of water and energetic sources, use of other renewable and not renewable sources, noise pollution.

With reference to improvement plans, the Company establishes the following objects/goals:

  • Improve and consolidate customers list
  • Supply products and services with the highest possible standards to satisfy the needs and the expectations in terms of quality, safety, reliability of the product and service;
  • Reduction of production costs
  • Promote the involvement and participation of all staff
  • Respect terms of delivery agreed
  • Support the continuous improvement of quality enhancing communication, monitoring activities related to the quality (not conformity of the product, process and service, customer satisfaction and so on) and activating suitable corrective and preventing actions;
  • Reduction of RNC and internal waste;
  • Assure the respect of standards
  • Maintain of machines in condition of good and certified functioning
  • Adopt a developing technology oriented to the development of human resources, based on distribution of formation, professional update, correct allocation, development of competences and use of informatics technologies
  • Empower, include and motivate all the staff, stimulating contest and proactive relationship with regular meetings, group work and other activities through constant training
  • Implement an approach based on teams to prevent defects and solve problems
  • Recognize responsibility of each colleague towards Quality;
  • Optimize business processes with the aim of reach maximum level of efficiency and effectiveness;
  • Make recourse to qualified suppliers, contractors and collaborators who follow and make theirs, the principles of the Company’s QMS.


Reduction of environmental impact through:

  • promote company growth, without losing sight of workers’ health and safety and environmental aspects;
  • define, plan and monitor appropriate objectives aimed at protecting the environment;
  • choose and use equipment, resources and raw materials in a rational way, taking into consideration their potential risk for natural resources;
  • maintain compliance with all environmental laws and regulations, as well as other stipulations or regulations signed;
  • Systematically detecting and monitoring the environmental aspects of its activities and the consequent changes on the environment, with particular reference to energy and water savings, waste management and wastewater treatment;
  • spread the culture of respect for the environment within the company through the involvement of all employees;

The achievement of these objectives is implemented through compliance with the mandatory and voluntary regulatory requirements that the company has signed.

This policy will be the constant reference, in the context of periodic reviews, to evaluate the results achieved and to identify new ones, in line with the corporate approach to continuous improvement.

This Policy is distributed to all those who work for the Company and on its behalf: in addition to being published on the company website and available to interested parties (public, customers, suppliers, etc.), it is posted on company bulletin boards to make it available to workers.

Individual managers endeavour to implement and disclose this Policy.

The Direction trusts in the maximum effort of all staff in the pursuit of company objectives and in the application of what the Manual and in the documents related prescribe.

To support these objectives, the Modula S.r.l. Senior Management has therefore taken the decision to implement and apply a Quality and Environment System according to the ISO 9001: 2015, and ISO 14001 and 2015 layouts.

Piandimeleto, March 2019

Modula S.r.l. General Director.

Brugnettini Massimo

Qualità e Sicurezza

Sicurezza e funzionalità sono valori alla base di Modula Case System, a conferma di ciò tutti i prodotti sono stati sottoposti a numerosi test presso il centro TÜV-GS, l’ente internazionale che garantisce la sicurezza stradale.

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