Design: Centro Stile Modula

Modula Case System presents the new line of accessories, conceived for traveling and free time activities, made of two types of bags, sporty and capacious, and the backpack; accessories meant for organizing the inside space of the roof box. Available now also the useful bike wheel bag, mostly recommended for a joint use with the bike case Suprema.

Bags range

Borsa grande

Borsa grande
Borsa da viaggio in tessuto nero.
Dimensioni: L74 P 34 H 38 cm
Codice: MOCS0119

Borsa piccola

Borsa da viaggio in tessuto nero.
Dimensioni: L 56 P 27 H 36cm
Codice: MOCS0118


Zaino in tessuto nero
Dimensioni: L 35 P 17 H 36 cm
Codice: MOCS0120

Porta ruota bici

Borsa in tessuto nero
Dimensioni: diametro 72 cm
Codice: MOCS0123